Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Equipment Cleaning

If you are a business owner or an operator it’s very vital to know about the kitchen exhaust hood system and importance of maintaining it correctly, Grease can be easily ignited in a solid, liquid or vapor form. So cleaning and maintaining your hood in regular intervals is an important task, and we do that with the responsibility.

We are one of the oldest companies in Kuwait market for the kitchen hood cleaning servicing over a 1200 restaurants in a year for last 14 years

According to the National Fire Protection Association , over 11,000 fires occur annually in restaurants and kitchens, resulting in over a Billion Dollar in damage. Routine kitchen hood cleaning reduces those chances.

  1. Half of all fires start in the kitchen. Some type of cooking equipment caused two of every five fires. Deep fat fryers ranked second in fires and first among cooking equipment in money loss.
  2. The other major causes of cook line kitchen fires included stoves, ovens, open fired grills, and grease hood or ductwork.
  3. These entire major kitchen fires began on a cook line beneath an exhaust canopy hood equipped with some type of automatic fire suppression system.