If an entry is a mobility hotspot that signifies the gateway to the visitor’s destination, a building’s entrance is a small mobility hotspot in itself. The entrance is the first contact a visitor has with a building; it is the building’s calling card and should signal to the visitor that he is in the right place; that he has almost reached his destination. As for any other mobility hotspot, the entrance needs to fit the building’s criteria on three key areas: sustainability, security and service. However the entrance requires a fourth element: great design.



Sliding Doors are designed for use in commercial as well as residential applications. Available in Single or Double panel configuration.

Sliding doors are designed to suit any custom requirements, be it asthetically visual office and residential doors to oversize warehouse entrance doors. 
Also build to fit your specific needs in custom door sizes, designs and configurations of hardware. 


Automatic Swing doors are very practical they close securely and are easily installed. Existing manual door can be rapidly automated without complication. Swing doors increase convenience and provide barrier free access for the disabled.