Fire rated & Non Fire rated Steel Door 

Presenting an Array of Ergonomically Designed Steel Doors Manufactured using GI Sheets (Zinc Coated Sheets). Which are Sturdy and Resistant to Rust, Corrosion and Termites. These Doors are Hallow Metal Doors filled in with Honey Comb.which is glued to the Inner Surface of the Door and Sealed for Acquiring Much Better Strength than a Normal Wooden Door. These Doors are Powder Coated to improve the Elegance, Look and Life of the Door, These Doors are available in Single, Double, Door Range with variety of Colours to meet the choice of the customer. As the name indicates, these doors are very rugged and are used mainly where the number opening and closing of the door are very high, like in Commercial Complexes. These Doors are fitted with good quality SS hardware to increase the life of the door and to make it a trouble free unit. The range of our Industrial doors is widely used in the following areas:

  • Commercial Complexes & Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Food and Pharma Based Industries
  • IT Industries


Ballistic doors comprising of Bullet & Blast Resistant Doors. These doors are special doors suitable for Industrial & Military applications.
Bullet Resistant Doors provides a safe environment for Police, Military & Government offices & Enclosures. Available in Single & Double panel configuration, Vulcan Doors are designed to suit custom requirements based on the the assessed threat for particular areas. They are manufactured to comply with UL 752 Ballistic standards.
Our Blast Doors comply to NATO standards & are suitable for Airports, Military camps, Government Buildings and Industrial buildings which posses& store explosive origin materials.
Both Blast & Bullet Proof doors are tailor made to suit various customer & project requirements.



Access doors, metal ceiling access panels, stainless steel access panels, hidden ceiling attic access doors, plumbing access panels, roof hatches and floor hatches.access for the disabled.