ourserviceTop Ten Reasons for Routine Exhaust Hood Cleaning

  1. Reduce the possibility of a devastating fire.
  2. Maintain proper airflow in your kitchen.
    1. Reduce odors and excess smoke caused by grease and oils
    2. Cooler work environment
    3. Helps maintain air balance in the kitchen. If the kitchen becomes positive air pressured, kitchen odors can leak into dining areas.
    4. Kitchen hood cleaning prevents build-up of heavily grease laden exhaust fans that reduce the amount of air being exhausted
    5. Extends the life of the exhaust fan
    6. Provides a safe and clean work environment for employees and customers/or residents
    7. Reduce the possibility of a devastating fire
    8. Maintain proper airflow in your kitchen
  3. Provides a safe and clean work environment for employees and customers/or residents.
  4. Reduce insurance costs.
  5. Remain in compliance with NFPA 96 Standards.
  6. Be compliant with local fire codes.
  7. Stay compliant with state and local health codes and regulations.
  8. Avoid breach of landlord and tenant lease agreements.
  9. Be in compliance with roofing warranties.
  10. Reduce premature roof decay and damage that can occur from rooftop grease.

Bravo’s recommends routine kitchen hood cleaning based on section 11.4.1 of the NFPA Guidelines. If your restaurant or commercial kitchen experiences a fire, insurance companies use the NFPA 96 guidelines to determine who is at fault. Don’t let it be yours because you put off routine exhaust hood cleaning services from Bravo’s.


See The Proof

Every exhaust hood cleaning service is documented with before and after photos. Every Bravo’s customer is given a service report to view the hood pictures to understand before and after status of the exhaust hood.

The Bravo’s cleaning process removes the grease back to the bare metal surfaces. A clean hood, fan and ducts with smooth metal surfaces delays grease to build-up. Routine exhaust hood cleaning results in a safe, efficient kitchen operation.

That’s why we show you the proof after every kitchen hood cleaning.